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SlimDown4Life is a comprehensive WEIGHT LOSS & NUTRITION coaching program that empowers patients by providing them with education, practical behavioral strategies, well-balanced & tasty food choices, and ongoing support to make long-term life changes. The protocol we follow is a natural and effective method for weight loss with long-lasting results.  
•Can promote vitality and energy

•May reset body to help stop the cravings

•Nutritional education to maintain results

•Helps yourself back to a healthy, happy body

B-12 & LIPO 'B' Injection Therapy...available here

Weight Loss




"How to Lose Weight in an
Epidemic of Obesity 

How much Sugar does the
average American consume compared to the maximum recommended amount?
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Walden Farms

Why Get a Vitamin B12 Shot?!

Sweat Leaf Stevia


Lean and Delicious ideas to enhance your healthy way of eating.




Cravings, Weight Gain, the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster....
The Most Effective Approaches to Weight Loss...
Come join us for a 'roll up your sleeves' talk on GOOD NUTRITION, LOSING WEIGHT, and EATING FOR YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH!




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